Lose More Weight With Carb Shifting

cywtbeforeafteranimated1 Sometimes doesn’t it feel like you’ll just never get off the diet merry-go-round? You know, where you diet faithfully, lose some weight, go off the diet, gain all the weight back plus a few extra pounds. You body’s sneaky – it has a way of sabotaging your efforts when you eat too little.   But now there’s a way to lose more weight with a plan known as “carb shifting.”

You’ve probably heard all about how your metabolism slows down when you diet because it’s preparing for starvation. When your body thinks food is scarce it tends to horde fat. It gets its energy instead from a substance called glycogen – a sugar based fuel that’s found in muscles.

On the down side, the more you’ve dieted in the past the quicker your body jumps into this fat-storing, muscle-burning mode. On the up side, once these glycogen supplies are completely used up (usually in about 3 to 7 days) your body goes back to burning stored fat for its energy. And on the super up side, fat around the belly and hips is the first to go!

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The best way to use up these glycogen supplies quickly is to cut back on carbohydrates. But you have to be careful. Restricting carbs for too long keeps your brain from getting its needed supply of glucose. And, again, cutting your calories too low will result in lowering your metabolism.

That’s where the “carb shifting” plan comes into play. By alternating your diet with low carb days and high carb days your able to “trick” your body. When you go low carb for a set amount of days and then go high carb for a set amount of days you’re tricking your body into believing it’s not losing fat. In reality, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing, losing fat.

Not only will you be able to lose more weight quicker it will be consistent and you won’t suffer hitting those nasty plateaus that plague us all! Additionally, following this kind of plan gives you so many choices that you really never feel deprived and you won’t suffer through intense cravings.

This type of plan is usually based on phases, starting with limiting your carbs in phase one to get your body burning fat. This phase calls for avoiding starchy carbs like bread, rice and potatoes, starchy vegetables like corn, carrots and peas, and processed foods. Stay away from the packaged low-carb choices as well. You’ll be filling up on protein and low carb veggies like asparagus, broccoli, celery, lettuce, mushrooms, etc. This is the phase you should see your greatest weight loss.

The second phase cycles you through low carb and high carb days. On the high carb days you’ll get to add in the starchy carbs. They’ll release sugar slowly into the bloodstream and prevent blood sugar spikes that can trigger cravings and cause the liver to store more fat..

In the third phase you just switch your low carb and high carb days around so you won’t stall your weight loss.

This plan of “carb shifting” has been extremely effective in helping dieters lose more weight than they ever though possible.


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